Thursday, February 26, 2009

This website allows you to take any image and apply the Shepherd Fairy Obama Hope Poster Effect to it.
Here's a couple that I made.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Latest book cover attempt

I've decided to abandon the recycled vinyl "how-to" theme for my book-about-me assignment. Instead I've decided to focus on one of my attributes from the Strengthfinder 2.0 assessment. That is, the "learner" aspect of my temperament. I've come up with an expanding neurons theme to go with the progression, hopefully it shows learning and growth.

I placed the biggest neuron in one of the ideal locations on the page according to the golden ratio, and added some color for emphasis. The assignment restricts us to black, white and one other color, and only using geometric images. I used arcs and ovals to design the neurons, hope that isn't too "drawn".

Update: although it looks like flowers, some people got the neurons effect. Maybe a different color for the firing of the neurons.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poster Fun

This week we had to design examples of 13 different variables in graphic design. Alignment, Contrast, Proximity, etc. I downloaded a few fonts and had a lot of fun in Adobe Illustrator. Here's one of my examples. (Click on it to view large.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Graphic Design Course, my struggles with.

I'm having such challenges with Graphic Design that I made this book cover as a bit of a joke.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Soap Box

I'm making another version of the Soap Tote, a Soap Box.

Thanks to SouthCentre Mall for used banners

From Krista Moroz, Public and Community Relations Manager at SouthCentre: "What a great concept and very environmentally friendly. Southcentre often has banners that we are finished with and would welcome the opportunity to avoid sending them to a landfill. "
So I got three CIBC Run for the Cure banners in grey with pink accents.

Here's a picture of my latest soap tote on Etsy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shoemaking, hmmm

I wanted to go to a shoemaking workshop in Vancouver, Washington. I think I still want to explore shoemaking after seeing this Etsy seller Zerkahloostra's stuff:
In lieu of shoe school, I bought a book on making your own shoes, and I remade a pair of trainers/runners/kicks after making lasts (foot forms) out of socks and duct tape filled with Great Stuff foam. My friend said they look just like diabetic feet.
I'm going to make shoes out of vinyl, I think.

Bollywood Dance Workout Video

I actually tried to buy this online but they wouldn't sell to Canada. I was really happy with The Belly Twin's Bellydance workout, so I was thrilled to see this at Wally World. Dance workouts don't feel quite as hard as other workouts, IMHO.

First Soap Tote Sale!

Yay me! I'm a businesswoman, woot! The client wrote, "I'm excited to receive it! I travel a lot and usually throw my soap in a plastic baggie. I was excited when I found this cute bag instead."

Thistle Wallet Complete

This wallet is finished! I decided to take the thistle design theme into the driver's licence windows on the front flap of the wallet. I'm going to field test this wallet myself.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pushing vinyl cutting to the limit

I decided to do a rather intricut design in vinyl. This pattern is William Morris Thistle. I enlarged it in Illustrator and cut it out with the Cricut. Lots of points in the design to glue down. I'm going to make this into a wallet and see how it fares.
Update: well I got the design glued down and I flex it this way and that to look for points that protrude. Now I'm ready to edge it. I think i want to incorporate the thistle edge into the internal windows of the wallet. I've been practicing "cornering" on my serger so when I do this wallet I'll have the skill to get the edging done neatly.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tissue Box Cover Completed

I cut this out during the inauguration and I finally got around to finishing it. I'm learning that the arc for corners is defined by the shape the piping takes when it is bent. In other words, it can't be too sharp of a corner.
The silhouette is dingbat font, SilhousOldfashiond. "Honk" is in Vivaldi.