Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Modular wallet

I think wallets need to be modularized. Some folks are coupon clippers or not, receipt savers or not, they carry lots or not-so-many cards. I think the next design challenge for my wallets might be to have a system where you can add and subtract capacity where needed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second Handlebar Bag

Here's my second handlebar bag. I put some mesh side pockets on this one and made the lapped zipper oriented the other way -- more aerodynamic. Two velcro loops attach the 13" wide bag to the handlebars.

Update: the next one will have a shoulder strap so it can double as a shoulder bag.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Piece, no sew tote bag

I saw this type of bag/box done in thick leather by Gildem on Etsy, and I thought why not try it in recycled vinyl. I made a small prototype first, then I made a big one. This one has a square base about 11"x11". Big enough for a bowling ball. I will be using this for my groceries.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords sent me a coupon for $100 of pay-per-click advertising. I created my first three-line ad campaign today. There are a bunch of key words that will cause this ad to show on a Google search result. I'm going to make different ads for my soap bags, and one for wallets.

Update: well I'm pretty happy, I got about 7 clicks onto my website as a result of adwords in a couple of days. I can tailor ads to the different things I make. I even made an ad with a keyword Freitag in it, since my wallets are made from the same material.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bicycle handlebar bag

I'm working on this design for a bicycle handlebar bag. I figure that, since people find me on Google Maps while looking for bicycle accessories, that I should have a few more bicycle-related items available. Right now the design features a lapped zipper to keep the rain off, velcro loops to attach to the handlebars. I might put a shoulder strap on it so it could work as a shoulder bag.

Imagine cruising the farmer's market with a couple of oversize bicycle panniers, and all your gear stored in the handlebar bag. You wouldn't need your car. Green groceries!

The next iteration will have the lapped zipper oriented the other way, for rain resistance and aerodynamics.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Takeout Box

Vinyl tarps will take a fold if a dashed line is scored into it. I made a few of these "Chinese takeout" boxes for Christmas giving out of a template I found online. The handle is made out of bailing wire, which is a wire we used in our Design Principles class to make models. The closure is tab and slot. The box that was too small ended up as a Christmas tree ornament.

This idea might work well for packaging products such as soap.

Getting My Banners Organized

My collection of banners was becoming unwieldy, so I got some shelves from IKEA and got some preliminary organizing done. My shelves needed to be wide and deep to hold the rolls. Next task is to sort by color and type.