Tuesday, June 25, 2013

24 Tote Bags

I finished sewing 24 tote bags from a client's recycled vinyl banners. Great to have a repetitive project to hone one's sewing skills. For a few of them I was able to preserve the grommeted edge. For the majority of the bags I used a seam binding made from another piece of vinyl. The client is going to give them away as prizes for a Stampede barbeque. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sugru/Oogoo Design possibilities

I was mending some iPad charging cables with homemade Sugru and didn't consider the further possibilities until just recently.  Shown is my first test piece, a glass jar.  I had been thinking of making baby food jars into lunchbox snack-food containers that were shatter resistant and dishwasher safe. Sugru fits the bill for that purpose.

When I was mending my charging cables, the excess sugru stuck to my vinyl tarp used as a dropcloth.  Then I realized I can make iPad cases with silicone corners. I don't have to have all those fiddly shapes to sew to make openings for the speakers, audio port, cameras and charging port -- which is why I haven't been making iPad sleeves to this point.  fixing the tablet with flexible corner mounts is much better.

The sugru would also make a great stylus holder.
My ideal iPad case has a stylus holder, macro lens holder, bottle of screen cleaner, and charging cable storage. And of course the ability to prop it up, plus being an artistic statement. These attributes I will ponder. 

Lower image is from instructables.