Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glass Tile and Vinyl Experimentation

I have been thinking of glass tile pendants. Origami paper behind glass is a popular trend right now because it is colorful and detailed. I am thinking of incorporating something like this into vinyl jewellery. This is just me playing around with setting a blob of glass into a piece of vinyl. Behind is a template for an overall necklace shape. It might be nice to incorporate filagree with these glass "beads".

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Working on new mesh patterns

Designing mesh cut patterns for my soap totes. This one is inspired by Andres Amador's beach art. I think I will make a see-through window with the same mesh pattern in the front of the soap tote. Then the user can see the soap inside. Good for those "art" soaps.

I've been feeling blue lately and not much into making and creating; but my Making Art Your Business teacher said that you should do something every day towards your art goals. So I can design mesh.