Friday, April 24, 2009

New design! Travel Soap Bag

Churning in the back of my mind has been the problem that my vinyl soap totes are labour intensive; about 70 minutes to sew if I make them with a lot of detail and the inner mesh bag. (I do think I could get that number down if I did them in production mode).
I wondered if the design could be a simple roll, then I thought about that cool mesh I was able to create. Why not cut a mesh pattern on one end for the drying mesh, and roll it all up for storage? That is what I have spent today doing, and here's the first prototype. I put the mesh pattern onto the handle for added pizzazz and I think it looks just great! It fits a large bar of soap and closes with velcro. The pictures show the roll (1) rolled up; (2) in soap drying position; and (3) completely unrolled.

Pardon the quickcam photos, husband has the camera for his business trip.
Please Comment, I cherish your feedback.
Update: I am working on another design with side wings so the soap can be enclosed completely. I have also been working on other mesh patterns, such as the one I saw on Rachel Ray's shirt.
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  1. The soap totes are such a good idea. There will be great demand once the word gets out.