Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bicycle Panniers from Billboard Vinyl

Here is my latest European-style bicycle pannier. It fits a large grocery bag. It is made out of a highway traffic safety billboard. There are handles inside so they can be carried for shopping at the local Farmer's market. It is designed to fit onto a rear bicycle rack, and has a bungee cord that hooks onto the base of the rack for stability. Panniers are $70 a pair, free shipping in North America. If you wish to purchase this visit


  1. good idea. I am interested. can you post more information about the item?

  2. Thanks for asking. These ones have home-fabricated hooks on the back. A bungee cord (a.k.a. shock cord) stretches the lower hook down so it hooks onto the base of the bicycle rack. This is so the bag doesn't bounce when it's on the bicycle.

    I've found a place where I can get more professional hooks so I can make the backs better. They would also benefit from a lining to hide the seams which I'd add if I made a newer set.

    I made a custom one for a client which had more of a square top. Do a search on this blog for the word "pannier" to get a link to those blog posts. These ones never sold so if you are interested in them I can give you a smoking good deal on them. Cheers, Alison

  3. Sorry I forgot to add if you want me to get you some more pictures please email and I'll send them to you or post a link. Thanks.