Monday, September 28, 2009

Owl Featherguard

We have a poplar tree very close to the house, and large picture windows. That's why I'm so interested in designing bird repellers.

My latest design is an owl, although it looks rather like a hairy spider. I forgot to add a beak.


  1. Hi, how well does it work?

  2. I have two window panels 4.5' wide. I hang two feather guards in each window panel, 4 in total. The birds tend to veer off at the last instant, or if they do manage to hit the window, they don't seem to hit as hard. I have a huge poplar tree right in front so it gets lots of bird activity.

    As for the owl featherguards, I haven't yet tried a whole season of them in the windows as I prefer the ribbon-style ones.