Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Colour Theory Studies

My first core course in my visual design studies was colour theory. My term paper was an analysis of what makes for good wardrobe colours for the individual, based on the person's skin tone. The topic intrigued me so much that I kept up the research for 2.5 more years. My instructor, Bev Rodgers, said, "I fully expect to see your name on the Fortune 500 list someday should you decide to patent this."

In 2004 my children were still very young, and my health was becoming an increasing concern. I decided to get my research to a point where I could revisit the topic at a later time. So all my research went into this binder. I also looked at every other wardrobe colour book published and figured out the shortfalls in the "seasons" hypothesis. I came up with my own theory of what colours work well for the individual.

I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't time again to revisit this topic. The gross $142 I made at my last show of recycled vinyl products isn't getting me much but the ability to treat my family to dinner at Wendy's after a craft show. Ah, well. I'm sure I'll get back on that vinyl horse sometime. Hey! that's it! a vinyl horse!

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