Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing Machine Bloopers

I mentioned that I bought a Yakumo industrial walking foot sewing machine. I wonder how many previous owners this machine has had? I think I'll engrave my name on it somewhere when it's time to pass this one on.

It's a great machine, but learning to drive it I've encountered many speed bumps. It didn't come with a manual. I had it threaded wrong at one point. If I start up too fast the thread breaks.  Sometimes it goes too fast; I'm still learning to fine-tune my foot pedalling.

The particular vexing thread situation shown in the picture was, I think, a bobbin tension problem.  There were a lot of losses this week with my sewing machine, and my vinyl cutter skipping, ruining several cut jobs.

The good thing is, once you solve those four-dozen or more things that can go wrong, the machine starts cooperating. Or more appropriately, the operator starts cooperating.

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