Friday, March 26, 2010

Custom Bicycle Panniers

A client emailed me asking if I'd do custom panniers. I jumped at the chance because I wanted to get data on a number of things, like using marine paint on adhesive-backed vinyl, and designing and working with decals. It's given me a lot of information on how to estimate for future custom jobs.

My client liked Art Nouveau, and Mid Century Modern. So I did up some drawings of various possibilities for those styles in Adobe Illustrator and we went back and forth on the designs. The next step was the backgrounds for the tarps, so I pulled out many of my tarps, photographed them and emailed so she could pick from that, Photoshopping the decals over the tarps. She went with the mostly-tan color you see here.

It was a bit challenging getting the decal colors right. I'm going to make up a palette of the colors I can create with the System Three WR-LPU topcoat I have, for future work.

I'll make a page on my website for custom work as a happy result of this project.

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