Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Custom Bicycle Panniers on the client's bike

I'm delighted to report that my client Sandra Brunner likes her custom panniers. Here they are on her bicycle.

The stakes were high as I was making these for an actual client. there was a battle going on in my mind. I had to keep telling the afraid part to settle down and get the job done. It was great having the perfect client in this case. The modifications from my original pannier design include a box top to better keep the rain out, and adding a binding for a nicer look.

I read somewhere that any time you are attempting to do something different, or something that you have been told you can't do or, "Who do you think you are you don't know anything," by major influencers in your life, that you will hear that installed voice pipe up. I am pleased to report that I did not heed that voice, and I'm looking forward to that voice getting weaker as I gain more experience.

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