Thursday, April 1, 2010

Notebook with vinyl lace binding

This was only partially successful. The sewing machine balked at times, going through four layers of vinyl. I used the taping foot I discussed on an earlier post, as well as the vinyl lace binding in the previous post.

For this notebook the corners have to be sharp corners, not rounded.

Update: As I looked at this segment of the tarp which shows hair, the title of the notebook became obvious! I am learning to look at the cropped segments of vinyl to see if the colours and patterns remind me of something, perhaps a design will spring from that. Since a major part of journaling is writing about all the bad things that happened that day it makes sense to title the notebook as containing "bad hair" days.

Update #2 The lace binding wasn't working on this piece. I replaced it with one-inch vinyl binding. I might try using lace another time.

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