Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ammonites and Feathers

Artrage on iPad.

On Artrage, feathers are done with the oil brush. The ammonite was drawn with the ink brush, The undulating septa also with the ink brush but with a large percent of taper. I used the paint bucket fills with varying colours on the different chambers. I used a whitish airbrush to lighten the high parts and a darker airbrush for the lower parts of the shell to make it look 3D. and Lots of layers and experimenting with opacities and blending modes.

It basically started out as an experiment in spirals and then I wondered if I could make a composition out of it. I liked it enough to post it but I'm not sure if it's completely successful. But who cares, I feel like sharing it now. Thanks for viewing, comments appreciated!

I think making art on the iPad allows for a faster learning curve, because of the ability to work in layers, apply blending modes, transforming elements for different compositions, and the ability to back up when something isn't working. I wouldn't have physically painted 10 different studies but I can get the same kind of research done on the iPad. Cool.

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