Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apples of Gold

Well we did a lot of spring cleaning lately, trying to get real with my craft supplies. So I got rid of a bunch of wool, fabric, and recycled leather. Feels great. This was all stuff I'd like to do but won't get around to any time soon. This process is continuing, so vinyl crafting is on hold at the moment. It was also good for strengthening my "No" muscle, because many folks ask me for concessions when I sell things online. I've taken to adding "no holds, no deliveries, no partial orders, etc.," to my garage sale listings.

What I love about the iPad is that I'm able to work at it while lying down, no paints to mix, no craft area to move when it's time to make dinner. I wish I'd had the iPad when my kids were little -- whenever I had a sewing project or something I'd have to pack everything away so we could use the table and so that the toddlers wouldn't get injured on sewing supplies.

Recently I bought an app called iDough. It has a tricky learning curve, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. It is great for generating 3D objects that one can use in paintings. For a long time I've wanted to illustrate Proverbs 25:11. What brought it to mind was something my husband related to me from his work. How a difficult statement is able to be framed "just so," so that a harsh truth is communicated in a softened way. Now that I had something which makes 3D easier to render, it was time to tackle this subject.

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