Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tripod Camp Stool

Sometimes I get wooden dowels along with the recycled vinyl banners. I had been wondering what to do with them. Here's a great idea from Matt at I have been wanting a chair like this for day-to-day standing and waiting in line situations. I had considered the ones at the local health care stores, but I was not keen on any of the designs.

I had some mesh-type vinyl in my stash and I thought that would be a good thing to use. Matt used leather for his. Since my vinyl wasn't as thick, I reinforced my vinyl with an extra layer sewn at the triangle corners. I also hemmed my edges under.

My challenge was finding the hardware. I couldn't find matching color hardware, and the bolts available were the wrong size. Seems strange that a huge hardware store would not have a full range of bolt sizes. Anyway, I solved that situation by sizing up and cutting down the bolts with my Dremel. My costs ended up even lower than Matt's as I already had the dowels and the vinyl. It cost me about $6 Cdn for the metal hardware.

I really like the result and I'm looking forward to not having to stand while waiting in line. Now I'm starting to think about all the artistic variations.

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