Thursday, August 4, 2011

Those tripod chair bloopers

I was making a second tripod camp stool, got the legs stained and coated with polyurethane, all was well. Then, upon doing a test sit, "CRACK" goes the dowel. These dowels were the same diameter as my previous successful tripod camp stool, so I shall glue the crack and try again. UPDATE: A bit of wood glue and it was all repaired. Now I have two practice chairs.

I used two layers of a fine-mesh vinyl tarp, and made "collar tips" like on western shirts to add reinforcement to the corners. I used Inkscape to design them. I am used to using an old version of Adobe Illustrator.

It had been a while since I used my workshop PC and vinyl cutter. I found that my son had absconded with the keyboard and mouse for some experiments of his own.

I went to a second big box hardware store and still could not find the exact lengths for the bolts. Those I had to Dremel down to size before adding the acorn nut. At least I got the hardware all the same color this time.

SECOND UPDATE: We went to the local corn maze and I stayed with the dog while the rest enjoyed the maze. I had been using this tripod chair a few times previous. This time two of the wooden dowels disintegrated! I was glad no one saw my pratfall. One was a clean break, the other along the grain. I guess my dowels weren't thick enough. Note to self: use thicker dowels next time. The tarp and the hardware were all fine, it was the dowels that were the weak link. 

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