Thursday, September 1, 2011

Designing a simple foldover wallet.

I had advertised different wallet features on the custom section of my website, but hadn't gotten any inquiries. Now that I've got an inquiry, I need to price out some different types of wallets. So I started with a simple foldover wallet design. I am designing the cut file in Adobe Illustrator.

I wanted to have it with a foldover edge all around, so I thought a foldover window might work. It didn't. that type of window might work in a different context, but not this one. Another challenge I had was too many card slots, the middle line where the wallet folds, when loaded with cards, wasn't in the centre. So I reduced the number of card slots. The thread I was using was fraying so I need to change my thread. And so it goes. All sorts of adjustments here and there. I came up with some hidden alignment features on the cut file to make the slots exactly parallel and the same depth. Now the cut file is just about where I want it.

Another example of Patrick Moody's principle: "Often you won't be able to sell what you make -- it's the same with all crafting professions, you have to make a lot of crap before you get to the good stuff. " There are all kinds of folks who would look at the intermediate versions above and leverage it to imply that you should give up your quest, that you are a bad designer, hell, you aren't even worth the air you are breathing! I exaggerate. But I once had a boss just like that.

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