Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finally got an Industrial Sewing Machine

I got an industrial machine to replace my 1948 Singer. The Singer was a good place to start as it could go through several layers of vinyl without getting stuck in needle down as modern domestic sewing machines are prone to do. However, the Singer couldn't backstitch, and turning my work was a pain.

I bought this Yakumo/Chandler TDU N62 walking foot machine from Ferro Concepts, who specialize in lightweight tactical nylon gear. This machine does lockstitch and a longer stitch than I was able to obtain with the Singer. I wonder how many previous owners this machine has had?


  1. Hi there, I just got my hands on a Rex-26-188, which looks identical to your machine. Can you give me any advice on this machine. I have nothing to go on and trying to work it all out. Ive noticed Im missing a couple of parts, which hopefully I've located. I am looking for a more detailed manual also, do you have a copy by chance?
    I have the instruction book but seems limited on information.
    thanks in advance!

    1. I never did get a manual, but another fellow got a manual from