Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heat Sealing Vinyl Tarps

I had tried some experiments with a soldering iron to make a heat seam on vinyl tarps. But I couldn't get a good looking, scorch-proof result. I think the commercial ones cost an arm and a leg. As I recall they are like flat irons for the hair, only more robust.

So I recently got a Seal-a-Meal from Canadian Tire, and I thought I'd try fusing two pieces of recycled billboard vinyl tarp together with it. I had to do it twice with this particular vinyl in order to attain a good enough seal. But the ink doesn't migrate onto the machine and I'm happy with the result.

Test tarp with two sealed edges.
I don't know all the applications for seaming the vinyl this way, but one I can think of right now is making vinyl envelopes for my art cards. I had been sewing them but this method is quick and fun.

Well what do you know, the seal is waterproof.  I filled it full of water, no leaks.

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