Thursday, January 5, 2012

Motorcycle Cover Material Experiment

 A while ago I got asked about making a cover for a boat. I said at the time it would have to be experimental because my tarps aren't flannel-lined. The inquiry came up again when faithful customer Sarah asked about a cover for her husband's motorcycle.  So then I thought, "What if I glue some fabric to the underside? That would work." So I decided to see if t-shirt material would effectively glue onto a used vinyl billboard.  And it does. So used vinyl tarps can be fabric-lined for reuse as barbeque covers, bicycle covers and motorbike covers.  The fabric lining is to ensure the tarp doesn't scratch or stick to the surface of the motorcycle or barbeque.
The style I have in mind. for the motorcycle cover.

Vyna Bond glue test, T-shirt to tarp

Seeing how well the glue adhered by pulling on the unglued edge. 

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