Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monarch Butterfly wallet

Here I am experimenting with pattern brushes that I created in Adobe Illustrator, with printing on fabric, and with rubberized coating of said fabric. I have some warping happening with the seam binding, so I'll have to redo it. I like the effect. I think I will do a peacock feather brush next, since that's a hot trend on Etsy right now. I don't know if people are buying that trend, but it's been identified as a trend.

I like the idea of creating my own fabrics to use in my crafts. The printing here was rather dull so I had to use dye pastels to brighten up the colors before spraying the fabric with PlastiDip.

Update #1: I've been using the wallet for several weeks now and it is performing well. The white background picks up some dirt, but becomes like new by using a Magic Eraser on it. As you can see by the photograph the laser-jet-printed wallet fabric had to have some piecing to make it long enough for the wallet's design. I'm concluding that coating laser printed fabric with Plasti-Dip is successful, and therefore I can offer this as a custom fabric option for wallets in my Etsy shop.
I am also using a system of removable card slots for all my cards. This system is also working well for me. All the card categories are available at a glance.

Update #2: I changed the design from these removable card slots to an accordion-style organizer. The new design holds 30+ cards in different categories. I think it's a good solution to the number of cards we carry these days. See here for the redesign:

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