Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stencil test on billboard vinyl

I thought that a stencil with plastic paint would look good on a wallet or bag. Here's my first attempt. I really need to make sure the stencil is properly adhered to the vinyl first. I will test this out and see how the paint wears.
It doesn't chip off when on the flexible vinyl, but it does rub off with a fingernail. I am going to use this as a wallet for a while and see how it goes long-term.
I changed my mind, I put it through the washer. The paint stayed on, but the binding shrunk a bit. Or may I say that the paint stayed on, and some of the silver flecks redistributed. This is a bit more than what one would do with a regular wallet. So I vote the stencil treatment on vinyl a reasonable success.

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