Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Man's single fold wallet in Recycled Vinyl Tarp completed

I completed the first prototype man's wallet. It turned out OK without major blunders, but as with any first attempt, one should not look too closely at it! My client wanted a single fold wallet with cascading card slots. He didn't want a coin compartment because he prefers to keep change in his pocket.

So, I'm thinking of offering wallets made-to-order. The client selects the modules he/she wants such as number and type of card slots, coin purse, window slots and tarp colours, and I make it just for them. Wallets are so personal and people want a system that works just for them. If some styles rise to the surface as popular then I could build inventory for those styles for shows and online inventory. Now my challenge is how to get that made-to-order page working on my website. For now, just email vinally@vinally.ca for a custom project.

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