Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New/Old Shop Dog

This is my new "shop dog", Bailey. (Hey, I'm a home-based business.) We adopted him from the Calgary Humane Society a couple of weeks ago. Here he is helping me pick out tarps for a guestbook that I am working on. Here he's saying, "Just try to take away my ball, sucka!"
Bailey is part miniature poodle and golden retriever. He follows me around wherever I go. He's 10 years old, but he still has lots of energy. Today he had fun slurping at the puddles as he trotted along in the rain. Our neighborhood is well-marked. He goes absolutely nuts when he sees squirrels or when the doorbell rings. He makes me laugh. I'm actually working on the doorbell training with my Ipad. I found a website with sound effects so I can ring that bell as many times as I need to. Now he doesn't bark when the Ipad doorbell rings, but it's another thing entirely that real doorbell! Funny thing about Bailey, he's not really a dog-person, but that's OK.
Maybe I should make him a raincoat from recycled vinyl so I could get some free advertising out of him while I'm out walking him.

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