Friday, January 16, 2009

Cricut works on rubber tire inner tube,

but only if you freeze it, first. Otherwise the rubber is too spongy and does not cut well. Also, it is a bit too thick to cut all the way through, but the Cricut is great for making guide cuts, which I'll finish off later with a craft knife. (Note: this off-label use for the Cricut is not recommended by the manufacturer. Just sayin.) I am making rubber stamps for my billboard vinyl wallets and soap totes on my Etsy shop. I'll stamp my logo onto a piece of satin ribbon and sew it into a seam on my wallets and soap totes.

I can't wait to try making soles for shoes on the Cricut. Did I tell you I made shoes, too? I'll save that for another post. Thanks for visiting, and please comment.

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