Thursday, January 22, 2009

vinyl filagree bracelet

I know Karl Lagerfeld was showing lace-like metal "tattoo" jewelry and lacy vinyl cuffs to in his Spring 2009 collection. That image has stuck in my mind. So I decided to explore making my own version of a vinyl bracelet, and here's the second prototype. It's comfortable and fits on my small wrist. I made a few more more joins from the first prototype so that there's less large pieces to stick out and get caught on things. This one is now an Etsy listing. The blue colour of the vinyl is genuine Calgary Sky, and it's one of the best blues for my skin tone according to my colour theory studies. Now to make some in black and white and other colors.
I'm happy with the way this turned out so now its time to make some different styles. I will put on my twenty-something-New-York-hipster thinking cap.

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