Monday, January 19, 2009

Low Cost Clothing Brand Name Labels

Hang tags are those tags that are on the back of your shirt. Correction: they are actually known as "labels". When they stick up, they are also known as "loser tags." :) Here's my method for making some low cost ones that look good. (My weekend was spent trying to stamp with acrylic paint onto ribbon, but that ended up looking messy.)

Using paper-backed fabric for use with inkjet printers - I used a Canon Pixma printer with archival quality ink - simply print out a page with your shop name or logo on it. I used Adobe Illustrator, but there's no reason you couldn't do this also in your word processor.I made some hang tags that were about 1.5"x1.5" square, with 1/4" space at the top for the seam allowance, then the logo, then the rest was for the fold-under/remaining seam allowance. I fold them once over then sew them into the seam. My only cost was my time and the photofabric paper. I ironed the labels to set the ink.

Update: I did a washing test of my labels in hot water, and the pink color faded a bit, but the black stayed true. My takeaway is that some colors work better than others for colorfastness with this technique. If one wants hot water colorfastness, then likely a fixative spray such as plasti-dip could be used. (I'm sure there's others, its just that I have Plasti-dip on hand).

my3littlemonkeys says:
Hi I use those on my baby slings. I don't bother turning over I just zigzag all the way around. You can also trim to the right size and apply fray stop to your edges.( put some on a plastic lid and just dip the sides)

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  1. those look cool! i use t-shirt transfers on stretch cotton fabric, then pink the edges. it works pretty well, because i need them to be washable.