Friday, January 30, 2009

Graphic Design Course Book Cover

I have to design a book cover using only text and geometric elements plus one other color along with black and white. Here's my first attempt. How is it coming across, do you get what the book is about? Comments appreciated! I will tell you what my teacher thinks of it after next Tuesday's class.
Update: Well, it didn't work, people didn't get it. I thought with the additions I had from the first draft, the word "Recycled" and the "Things to Make with Them" that the design would work. But, they didn't. My problem is that I was having trouble coming up with a new idea so I went with this one. Someone also thought that the grommets were part of a film strip.
I guess I learned that sometimes what is needed is to go back to square one rather than being committed to a design that isn't working.

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