Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mini Travel Soap Handbags

I am excited about my newest product for Etsy. A prototype is pictured at right. It is a travel “handbag” for soap. It will have an inner mesh pocket that folds out so that the soap can air dry before it is sealed up again. The loop hooks onto the shower faucet, and the mesh holds the soap in ideal air drying position. I also like the Maidstone font that I used for the word “Soap”. It kind of has a 50s feel to it. I used the mesh from a yam bag from Christmas holidays. Now I have a use for all the grocery-store mesh produce bags! I am working out the order of operations for making these. I like that it’s different and stylish, and perhaps, affordable.
Now, using one of these, you can save those hotel soaps, or take your favourite soap or shampoo bar. It even works as a soapdish as long as you can hang it somewhere in the shower. I suppose you could take one of those vacuum hooks along to ensure you have a hook to hang the mini handbag on.


  1. You are so clever!! What an awesome reuse!
    Thanks for being your inventive self you upcycling Queen!!

  2. Here's some more feedback. Nina from Etsy shop beadsss said "That is really cool. I would have found that so useful back in my backpacking Europe & Oz days. I hated how mushy my bar of soap would get in my ziplock bag and soap containers were crap as they always leaked."

    And Etsian Genuine Article thinks that I should call it a "Soap Tote". Thanks for the great idea, GenuineArticle

  3. Here's another comment from the EtsyTrashion Street team:

    I like your mini soap traveller & would probably use your coupon wallet
    except that we're so frugal? cheap? non-mainstream? that we never buy
    anything you can get coupons for!
    I think the soap traveller would also be good for multi-person households
    where diff people prefer diff soap & don't want others using it.

    What would I call it? soap transport & store? nah. Corral your soap?
    maybe--Soap corral?
    Soap bagger? Soap to go? (not bad, but you'd have to explain that it
    doesn't include soap--but maybe you could list some etsy soapmakers?) Soap
    yourself? Soap stash & carry? Soap saver (or savor)? Soap 'n' go?
    (I point out that you could actually use it in the bag--the mesh is sort of
    like those puffs of net sold for soaping up) Soapy sense (also it saves
    cents, since soap will not get washed down drain or unusable when dried
    between uses). Take your soap! Travellin' Soap!
    Soap Travels! If any of those work for you, you're welcome to use them.

  4. what a creative idea - I love when pretty things are also incredibly functional. Good luck with your new product, its a winner.

    - Emily